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Hire a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines

Partner with an experienced Filipino Virtual Assistant to streamline tasks and save time for your small-medium and startup business.

Are you overwhelmed with tedious tasks that hinder your business growth? Virtual Regie Virtual Assistant Services is here to provide the support you need.

Our seasoned Filipino Virtual Assistant is ready to take on those time-consuming responsibilities, enabling you to focus on steering your business towards success.

How Can We Help You

Don’t let boring tasks slow you down. With Virtual Regie, you can hand off all those dull and time-consuming jobs to virtual assistants with a range of skills.

Our virtual assistant services are here to offer continuous, on-demand support, no matter the size of your business.Just tell us what you need, and we’ll find the ideal match for your company.

Connect with us today to take advantage of our virtual assistant services and enjoy unmatched convenience!

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What We Can Do For You

Administrative Virtual Assistance

Provide reliable and efficient administrative support to optimize business operations, delegate tasks, and enhance productivity.

Data Entry Virtual Assistance

Efficiently and accurately input, organize, and manage large volumes of data, such as customer information, financial records, and inventory lists, for businesses.

Web Research Virtual Assistance

Gather valuable insights from online sources through data collection, deep research, and mining techniques.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Virtual Assistance

SEO  Virtual Assistant Services boost website exposure on search engines, resulting in more organic traffic and prospective consumers.

Local SEO Virtual Assistance

Enhance website and online presence to boost exposure and ranking in local search results, attracting nearby customers and increasing sales.

Local Citation Building Virtual Assistance

Ensure accurate and consistent NAP listings across online directories, improving local search visibility and attracting more customers.

Website Management Virtual Assistance

Maintain and optimize websites for performance and security, design and update pages, and ensure smooth running of WordPress, Wix, Weebly websites.

Email Management Virtual Assistance

Organize and prioritize all emails in your inbox, ensuring prompt responses and efficient management of email communications.

Lead Generation Virtual Assistance

Build targeted email lists of potential customers, reach out to them with personalized messaging, and convert them into valuable leads.

Canva Virtual Assistance

We make your brand look cool with pictures for social media and ads.

Chat Support Virtual Assistance

We talk with customers in a friendly way, answer questions quickly, and fix problems to make people happy.

Social Media Virtual Assistance

We make your online stuff awesome! We make cool posts, chat with your fans, and get more people to notice your brand on Facebook, Instagram, and other sites

Who We Help?

At Virtual Regie, we’re here for everyone, including:

  • Small and Medium-sized Businesses: Boost efficiency to grow your business.

  • Entrepreneurs: Let us be your support team, handling tasks so you can focus on leading.

  • Startups: Starting a new business? We provide the support you need.

  • Executives: Busy leader? We handle small tasks, so you can focus on decisions and leadership.

  • Remote Workers: Whether at home or elsewhere, our services fit your way of working.

  • And More: We’re flexible and ready to help all kinds of professionals and businesses.

How We Help?

We know different industries, offering support in:

  • Technology: Help with data, websites, and tech tasks.

  • E-commerce: Improve your online store, from customer support to managing data.

  • Healthcare: Handle tasks so you can focus on patient care.

  • Marketing: Assist with social media and finding new customers.

  • Finance: Keep financial records accurate for better planning.

  • And Many More: Whatever your industry, we adapt to your unique needs.

Discover how our services fit into your industry. Contact us today for more efficient work and business growth!

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Business?

As a business owner, you’re constantly juggling numerous tasks. This is where virtual assistants come in—they act as your reliable support system. Whether it’s managing emails, organizing data, or handling routine tasks, virtual assistants free up your time to focus on the significant aspects of your business. It’s like having a dedicated superhero team by your side!

Moreover, the advantages extend beyond task completion; hiring virtual assistants can be a cost-effective solution. You save both time and money, allowing you to invest more resources into growing your business. Virtual assistants bring versatility to the table, adapting to your needs without the hassle of hiring additional staff. Imagine having skilled support ready whenever you require it—virtual assistants make this a reality!

Virtual Assistant Can Make Your Life Easier

Getting a virtual assistant for your business can bring some awesome benefits. First off, you can get back time for doing important stuff. Imagine you don’t need to worry about little things. Your virtual assistant has it all covered!

And it’s not just about saving time – it’s also about getting more things done. With a virtual assistant, you have a partner dedicated to making your work easier. From handling emails to organizing things, they’re there to help you succeed!

Meet Your Virtual Assistant

Hey, I’m Regie from the Philippines, your virtual assistant at Virtual Regie. I’ve been helping businesses like yours for 6 years. I’m not just a regular assistant; I’m here to be your buddy and help your small business do great. My goal is to be more than just an assistant—I want to be a helpful friend on your journey.

Top 7 Hard Skills: Elevating Your Business with a Skilled Virtual Assistant


Key Qualities of a Virtual Assistant: Our Strengths in Action

Highly Reliable
Attention to Detail
Willingness to learn new knowledge and skills
Tech Savviness
Problem-Solving Skills
Positive Attitude
Time Management
Flexibility and Adaptability
Teamwork and Collaboration
Communication Skills

Do you wonder why my qualities aren’t at 100%?  

Well, just like in every aspect of life, perfection is a journey, not a destination. 

We believe in constant improvement and understand that there’s always room for growth in everything we do.

Virtual Assistant Services Pricing & Packages

Our low-cost virtual assistant prices and packages are tailored to your specific company or personal needs, with customizable alternatives that may be tailored to match your budget and timetable.

10 hrs. weekly

$320 $280/month
  • Admin VA
  • SEO VA
  • WordPress Management VA
  • Lead Generation VA
  • Data Entry & Web Research VA
  • Inbox Support VA

20 hrs. weekly

$640 $560/month
  • Admin VA
  • SEO VA
  • WordPress Management VA
  • Lead Generation VA
  • Data Entry & Web Research VA
  • Inbox Support VA

30 hrs. weekly

$960 $840/month
  • Admin VA
  • SEO VA
  • WordPress Management VA
  • Lead Generation VA
  • Data Entry & Web Research VA
  • Inbox Support VA

Freelance Client's Feedback

Regie was very good at everything he did. Very reliable and friendly and carried out his tasks very well indeed. We hope to employ Regie again sometime.
Solhop Founder
Adrian H.
Business Owner
Regie is an amazing resource and truly became a part of the team. He is a self-starter and very willing to learn new tasks. He always does an excellent job.
Nick Jaworski - CEO at Circle Social Inc
Nick J.
Digital Marketing Agency CEO
Always responsive and diligent in completing the tasks
Dr. Fung
Absolute great worker and really cares to do the job successfully. The communication is always awesome! Thanks. This job is finished.
Andrin Meier
Adnrin M.
Regie is amazing. He is honest, trustworthy, and well organized. I have already hired him for another project on Upwork and raised his pay!
David Vaughn - Regie Client
David V.
Digital Marketing Agency Owner-
Regie delivered good work on this project. I enjoyed working with him and will likely have additional jobs for him in the future.
Veedyou Founder - Cristian
Cristian S.
Business Owner
Regie efforts, timeliness, and quality of work were second to none. He was a great contribution to our development and would love him to work with us again. It's been a pleasure.
Dexter Alavarez
Dexter A.
Business Owner
Fantastic freelancer with great knowledge and can follow directions with ease.
Kevin my upwork client
Kevin J.
Digital Marketing Agency Owner-
Regie does awesome work whenever called upon. We count on him form of our foundational SEO work like citation building and updating, as well as some work on actual websites using WordPress. Best of all, he is dependable and can learn whatever we need him to takle next.
Dan Hale - Head of SEO and Web Design
Dan H.
SEO Business Owner

Why Choose Regie Virtual Assistance Services?

I’ve been freelancing for 5 years and have worked with customers from Asia, the United States, and Europe, whom I met through freelance platform websites. 

Moreover, as an experienced Upwork freelancer, it is important to treat my client’s businesses as if they were my own. This includes providing them with the care and attention they require to grow and succeed. Being a VA or remote personal assistant is my online business.

Even though most of my work isn’t long-term, I take every project seriously and pay close attention to the details. I’m grateful to my clients for being kind and friendly, and I consider them all to be my friends. 

Furthermore, my goal is always to deliver top-quality work that makes my clients happy and helps their businesses thrive. I built this virtual assistant website to offer my top virtual assistant services for clients who need to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines.

In addition, Virtual Regie is always ready to assist those in need of our services, and we look forward to contributing to the growth of your business

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Virtual Assistant Services

A virtual assistant is a professional who helps out from a distance. They offer support to businesses or individuals by taking care of administrative, creative, or technical tasks. 

Even though they work from a different location, they can do things like manage emails, organize schedules, and conduct research. 

A VA is like a helpful and reliable friend who makes sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently, taking care of important stuff so you don’t have to worry.

When you want to hire a personal virtual assistant, there are a few steps to follow.

First, you need to figure out what you need help with. Then, you can start looking for potential assistants. This involves talking to them in interviews and asking for people who can vouch for their skills and work.

You can find virtual assistants on different websites or even hire them directly. The most important thing is to communicate clearly and make sure everyone understands what is expected. This way, you can have a successful collaboration and get the support you need.

Currently, my focus as a virtual assistant revolves around administrative tasks, internet research, data entry, email support, chat support, Canva, lead generation, social media management, website management, Local SEO, and Search Engine Optimization.

Looking ahead, I have plans to expand my skill set through learning and upskilling. My goal is to evolve into a versatile virtual assistant, ready to assist small and medium businesses in enhancing their operations.

I thrive on self-study, video tutorials, online courses, and, most importantly, applying what I’ve learned in real-world scenarios. Experience, in my view, is the best teacher. I’m genuinely enthusiastic about acquiring new skills and knowledge to contribute to the growth of your business.

Feel free to reach out if you have specific requirements or would like to discuss how I can adapt to meet your unique needs.

Virtual assistants are skilled professionals who know the importance of keeping information private and earning your trust. To make sure you hire someone reliable, you can follow a few steps. First, screen the candidates carefully, which means checking their backgrounds and talking to them in interviews.

It is recommended to obtain references from individuals who can provide evidence of their work.

Once you’ve found a virtual assistant you trust, it’s crucial to set clear rules and use safe ways to communicate. This way, you can work together smoothly and keep your information secure.

Virtual assistants are used to working with people from different time zones.

In order to have things work out well, it’s crucial to have straightforward methods of communication that everyone understands.

This means deciding how and when to talk and making sure everyone understands when they can expect a response.

Using tools that help with managing projects can also be helpful. These tools can help virtual assistants stay organized and keep track of tasks even when there’s a time difference.

With good communication and the right tools, virtual assistants can handle time zone differences and work effectively with clients.

Having good communication is really important for working well together. You can use different tools like email, instant messaging, or special platforms to talk and stay connected.

It’s also important to tell others clearly what you expect from them, give feedback on time, and plan regular check-ins to keep everyone in the loop. By doing these things, you can have a strong and successful working relationship with others.

The way you pay a virtual assistant depends on what they charge and the agreement you make. Some virtual assistants charge by the hour, while others offer different packages or payment plans. You can pay them using different methods like PayPal, Wise, bank transfers, or online payment platforms.

Absolutely! Virtual assistants are available to help with specific projects. Whether you need support for a single project or ongoing assistance, you can have a conversation with the virtual assistant about what you need.

Together, you can talk about the details of the projects, how long they will take, and how much they will cost.

By discussing and agreeing on these things, you can make sure the virtual assistant meets your requirements and provides the help you need.

Virtual assistants are really careful about keeping your information safe and private. They do a lot of things to make sure of that.

For example, they sign something called an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) which keeps your information confidential.

They also use special tools that are secure for sharing files, and they make sure to have strong passwords to protect your data. They follow the rules set by the government to keep your privacy intact.

All of these things help you trust your virtual assistant and focus on your business without worrying about your private information being leaked.

For sure! Virtual assistants got your back in handling your social media.

They can help with all sorts of important things like planning when your posts will be shared, engaging with your online community, and keeping track of basic numbers and information.

Hiring a virtual assistant is the way to go if you want to keep your online presence on point and stay connected with your followers.

And the coolest thing is, when they handle those tasks, you can chill and focus on other important stuff that needs your attention.

So, virtual assistants are a great way to keep your social media game strong and make sure you have time for all your important tasks.

Many virtual assistants understand the importance of flexibility and can adjust their work hours to meet your needs.

They are often available on weekends and outside regular business hours.

Make sure to have a conversation about availability when hiring a virtual assistant to find someone who can accommodate your schedule.

Virtual assistants are amazing at keeping track of their work and providing detailed time logs or reports.

You can easily review and approve these reports for invoicing, based on the agreed payment terms.

With the help of time-tracking tools or alternative methods, you can ensure accurate invoicing and a smooth working relationship.

Yes! When you hire a virtual assistant, it’s common to have a contract. This contract helps set clear expectations, protects both sides, and keeps things professional.

It covers important stuff like what tasks the virtual assistant will do, how they’ll get paid, keeping things private, what happens if either side wants to end the deal, and other important details.

Having a contract makes things clear, gives legal protection, and sets up a way to solve any problems that might arise. Not every job needs a contract, but it’s a good idea, especially for long-term or big projects.

Before starting the work, it’s important to talk about and agree on the terms with the virtual assistant, so everyone knows what’s what.

Building trust with virtual assistants is essential.

Start by assigning non-sensitive tasks to establish a foundation of trust, gradually granting more access as the relationship strengthens, treating them like you would an employee.

Remember, not all virtual assistants are the same, so trust should be earned over time.

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