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Regie Fernandez

Owner and Freelancer at Virtual Regie

Back in 2018, I started my freelancing journey on Upwork, a freelance platform. Despite competing with many other qualified freelancers from different countries, I persevered and gained valuable knowledge and skills. 

I worked hard to learn various skills online and enrolled in different online courses, and I’m grateful to my clients for letting me learn from them! Now, I am proud to have created Virtual Regie to offer my services online. I am committed to providing exceptional work to my clients and continually improving my services to meet their needs better.


At Virtual Regie, I believe in upholding strong values such as integrity, professionalism, collaboration, and customer satisfaction. As a service provider, I hold myself to the highest standards of honesty and ethical practices, delivering top-quality services to my clients. I strive to exceed their expectations by developing custom solutions and maintaining open communication, ensuring exceptional service that truly adds value to their business.


My mission is to empower small businesses and entrepreneurs by providing efficient and effective virtual assistant services and SEO assistance. I’m confident that my services can benefit small businesses by saving valuable time, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency, ultimately leading to greater success. By working together, we can achieve your objectives and take your business to the next level.


My vision is to become the go-to resource for small businesses and entrepreneurs seeking reliable and affordable virtual assistant services and SEO assistance. As a passionate business assistant, my goal is to assist enterprises of all sizes in achieving their targets and thriving in today’s competitive market.


Although I’m currently a solo freelancer, I have previously worked with a team when a client required additional support. I’m selective in hiring teammates, and I always choose hardworking individuals who share my commitment to privacy and confidentiality. Trust is of utmost importance to me


Regie Basic All White Hat SEO Certificate

Basic All White Hat SEO
All White Hat SEO
Issued Jul 2022 – No Expiration 
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Regie Udemy SEO Master Class Certificate

SEO Training Masterclass 2021 Beginner SEO to Advanced SEO
Issued Nov 2021 – No Expiration 
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Regie Udemy SEO Backlinks Certificate

SEO  Link Building
Issued Jul 2021 – No Expiration 
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Google Skillshop Google Ads Search certification

Google Ads Search Certification
Google Skill Shop
Issued Jul 2020 – Expires Jul 2021 
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Regie Fernandez Semrush Link Building Test Certificate

Link Building Test
Issued Oct 2020 – Expires Oct 2021 
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